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Awards Archive 2005

The XR4 Register & its members achieved various awards throughout 2005:

Shows Achievements
Ford Enth Show (4th April) -'Best Themed Stand' 2nd Place
Ultimate Ford Show (17th April) - 3rd place for Norman Brooks in concourse competition
Sporting Escorts show (10th July) -2nd place achieved by the XR4 Register's 'Motley Crew' in the Sporting Escorts Interclub games
Ford Fair (7th August) - 1st place for Simon Stephens in XR4x4 Modified Concourse class
RS Owners Club National Day (21st August) -1st place for 'Best Visiting Car Club Stand'
Town & Country Festival (27-29 August) - 3rd place for Simon Stephens in Modified Concourse competition

0-60 Achievements
TRAX (4th Sept) -Mark Anderson with 8.37 secs (XR4i 2.8)
TRAX (4th Sept) -Bhav Thaker with 6.16 secs (XR8 5.0)

1/4 Mile Achievements

Classic Ford Show (12th June) -Simon Stephens with 12.295 secs (XR4x4 2.9 TT)
Classic Ford Show (12th June) -Daz Overton with 13.111 secs (XR4x4 3.0T NOS)
Classic Ford Show (12th June) -Bhav Thaker with 14.895 secs (XR8 5.0)

Well Done to everyone concerned!