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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

The XR4Register at the Town & Country Festival 2003

This was our premier 3 day show over the bank holiday weekend. It took a lot of hard work and preparation by key members and all those who attended and participated in the theming, this year being Bafta Awards.

We had our very own award ceremony where the public voted for their favourite car by placing a voting slip in the relevant box next to each car. At the end of the three days all the votes were counted and prizes where awarded accordingly:

Drum Roll.....

In third place was Simon Stephens aka Gengis with the grey twin turbo
In second place was Norman 'Legs 11' Brooks with the shiney red 4x4
In first place for the most wanted car as chosen by the visiting public was none other than our very own Brian Powell (Black Merkur XR4Ti), who obviously attracted more than just the publics affections!. Click on the relevant days for the photos.

Click here 4 Sunday 24th
Click here 4 Monday 25th

Click here 4 General photos over the 3 days

Set up Day

Saturday 23rd.

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