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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

Member profile for John Hartman

Merkur XR4Ti 2.3 Turbo

Photo Gallery for John Hartman's XR4Ti

I currently own an 86 XR4Ti, bought in Victoria BC, by the original owner. I bought it from him a couple of months ago. It was garage kept and meticulously maintained, using OEM parts through out, this is what I plan to do also.

I am a mechanic so I can do most of my own work and keep it in good shape. It is a 2.3 Ford "Lima" 4 cylinder SOHC multiport engine with a Garrett T3 turbo. It has a Borg Warner T9 5 spd trans and an independant rear suspension.

It has all options bar a trip computer, including heated leather, sunroof, alloy wheels, power windows and locks, driving lights, rear wiper and more.

I have done some minor modifications including airbox work, and some mild flow work on the stock air intake system. I have added a Hallman manual boost controller set at 1bar(14.5 psi).

I have an all aluminum rad and intercooler. I also have a Superchips performance chip. I am at present waiting on an E6 exhaust manifold and a "Big" vane air meter to go with the chip.

I will be fitting a full performance exhaust system, right off the turbo. I will also be adding some quality springs and shocks, and doing most of the suspension bushes with polyurethane.

I plan on doing a rear disc conversion from a turbo T-bird, along with some ceramic pads and Brembo rotors.

The car will also get some larger swaybars, some 15" wheels with wider tyres. intend to purchase a decent stereo as well, one that fits in all the stock locations and is unobtrusive.

I have put in some quality lowering springs and a Cosworth RS rear sway bar. I have also installed a ported and ceramic coated E6 exhaust manifold. I have ported the upper intake manifold and installed a billet aluminum fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure gauge. I had the injectors balanced and ultrasonically cleaned.

I have a 3" dowpipe that incorporates a new wastegate housing that eliminates the stock restrictive one. I also have a set of 16" 10spoke wheels with some performance rubber on them.

Last updated: 15.01.09

 Car Profile

 Owner: John Hartman

 Location: Canada

 Model: Merkur XR4Ti

 Year: 1986

 Engine:2.3 Turbo

 Gearbox:Borg Warner T9 5 speed

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