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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

The XR4Register Profile - Al Tolley & Paul Taylor

Race Car
Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.8
Janspeed Turbo

Photo Gallery of Paul & Al's Track 4x4

Right were do I start with this car? This is mine and Paul's (Pablo) track car (Click for Al's other XR4 Driver Profile). Well, back in February 2006 a fellow club member Pete aka Pikey told me about his XR4x4 2.8 Janspeed Turbo that he was selling. Pablo and myself were looking for a car to use as a track car with the intention of getting it ready for Ford Fair the same year.


The car had been sitting in a barn for 6 1/2 years and the body was in good condition all things considered. We decided to have the car. As we were towing the car home, the front brake disc sheared in half whilst braking! Bart did a quick Blue Peter fix and we managed to get the car back to its new home.

After a few months of doing nothing to the car, we sent the turbo away to be assessed. The report was that the turbo was contaminated and would need a total strip down and rebuild, at a cost of over £400! Well it is a TO4 turbo after all!. In the mean time, Bart decided to strip the interior of the car out and fitted a pair of rair ex-police recaros (only 8 sets made).

After another couple of months doing nothing, we realised that there was only 4 weekends left until Ford Fair! A massive effort was put into geting the car ready, bearing in mind that the car was on axle stands and the old engine still had to come out.

Below is the list of jobs for the remaining weekends leading to Ford Fair;

3rd-9th July 10th-16th July 17th-23rd July 24th-30th July
Fit shocks Remove old Engine Graphics done by Coyote Fit new engine
Remove studs - head Engine oil-buy Build up engine Front brake calipers
Trailer brakes Plugs-buy Paint wheel arch liners Rear brake pads
Clean wheel arch liners Air filter-buy
Prime & paint bumper New Battery-buy
N/S/F/ brake Front brake pads
Take sump off Fit anti-roll bushes

We managed to get all the bits sorted in time but it wouldn't start. However, we managed to trailor it to Ford Fair in Aug 06. After a bit of tinkering on the Register stand, Bhav sorted the dizzy out and it started up for the first time in 6 half years ! Thanks Bhav.

Once Ford Fair was over, we got the car MOT'd as the new engine we had fitted had to be run in before we could do any track day sessions. For the MOT, we had to replace fuel tank (poor us), steering rack, rear callipers (seized), and a couple bits of welding needed doing to the sills. After all this, we had a road legal track car that looks and goes like stink !

Currently we have another engine under development. Reason for second engine?, well....have you seen Bart drive round a track!!.

Big thanks to Kev, aka Coyote for doing a superb graphics design and applying them to the car.

Click here to visit our website, which has reports & pics dedicated to our Janspeed XR4x4 at various Track Day Events which we have attended.

2008 UPDATE TnT Racing

After a very succesfull 2007 with the track car doing a lot of track days, couple of trips to santa pod and doing the Nurburgring 700 canonball event we decided to raise the bar of what we could do next, myself and Paul had a chat last year about entering the time attack series after attending a track day at donnington park whist the event was running and said that if we were within 5 sec of the slowest car we would enter and as happens I was actually 3 seconds faster.

When we found out that we had been accepted into the series we had a confirmation email with the rules and regulations of the upcoming time attack series and a lot of the car has had to be changed to meet FIA standards .

This is as follows:

  • Race seats
  • Roll cage
  • 4 point harnesses
  • Toyo tyres
  • Race suit
  • Race boots
  • Race gloves

    Also to be changed on the car is a total redesign and new graphics for the car that coyote has been sorting out for us.

    I will be driving the car in the time attack series and Pauls roll is to over see what goes on and make changes within the team.

    With a massive thanks to coyote he has managed to land us a massive deal with showtrax international to do the graphics and maybe even more so keep your eyes out for updates.

    The time attack series will be showing all 6 rounds on motors tv and any other info can be found at www.timeattack.co.uk were my drivers profile will also be available.

    Last updated: 05.01.09

  •  Car Profile

     Owner: Paul Taylor & Alan Tolley

     XROC BB: Pablo & Bart

     Model: XR4x4

     Engine: 2.8 MFI skimmed and domed pistons, TO4 Janspeed Turbo oil cooler and custom made intercooler. (2nd engine under development). Heads ringed & recessed by 2mm.

     Gearbox: Type 9 with Black Diamond Clutch

     Brakes: Scorpio 24v cosworth front & rear brake conversion.

     Suspension: AVO front & rear adjustable suspension, PI 25mm lowering springs and Custom made front & rear anti-roll bars

     Exhaust: Custom made stainless steel 2 1/2 inch system

     ICE: None

     Interior: Sparco FIA race seat, bolt in roll cage, oil pressure and temperature gauge. FIA 4 point harnesses.

     Exterior: Team Dynamics 17" alloys, RS side skirts, one off graphic design by Coyote. Custom made front bumper by AJT fabrications

     Thanks to: Wayne Tolley & Coyote Kev

    Showtrax International

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     with any comments          © Copyright XR4Register