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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

27th-29th May - The XR4 Register at ...

How time catches up with us, yes it was a year since the last Enfield pageant and what a cracking show it was. The weather was brilliant too!. However as 9 days had past without a single day being devoid of rain, Bhav decided that perhaps it would be wise to ring the organisers and ask if the show would be ok. When he rang on Friday, the reply was: 'a little bit of rain wouldn't harm anyone!. The ground is soft and as long as everyone drives sensibly, it will be fine.'

Well... that meant one thing... best get some beers in!. All systems were go and Bhav & Jaff would meet up with Gary on the M1 somewhere with Bob and Sharky meeting them up at Enfield at around 5pm. Leaving early at 2.30 made sense as it was raining already in the midland but no one could envisage the nightmare of the traffic on the M1 ! Lets just say that it took 4 hours to get to Enfield!.

Things were getting worse... no cars or caravans were allowed on the show grounds by the order of the organisers and the council as the ground was churned up and extremely muddy. We were in the 'holding' car park and basically told to stay there till the morning when the council would make a decision weather to let more cars on to the grounds or not and if the show would go on.

Bob and Gary parked up the caravans and we lined up the cars. JB arrived and so did Sharky and sadly we couldn't pitch up any tents. We decided that we had to make the most of it and got Gary's and Sharon's new Gaze-bo and pitched it up. The beers were out and it was time to think of eating something!. Time was ticking and the barby was lit at 9.00ish whilst a run to the local pizza joint and chippy to get some snacking food!. 15 bags of chips and 10 pizza's were munched through and the timing was perfect to get the burgers and hot dogs on the Barby.

With everyone fed and watered, we were chilling 'literally' till around 1 am!. T'was time to get some kip as it was an early start to see if the show would go on. Whilst others had the creature comforts of the 'caravans', Bhav, Sharky, JB and the kids all had to kip in their cars. With every one being tired plus the numbing effects of the beer, no one really struggled to sleep.

5.30am and Bhav & Sharky was up. None of the committee or council members were around so the only thing to do was wait and wake every one else up. Jaffa finally managed to wake up at 7.30am.

8.45am and a decision: No further cars will be allowed on the grounds, the show will be cancelled but as the traders had already set up from friday and people would be arriving to visit, it will be open to the public without anyone being charged an entrance fee. There would be no show on Monday and people will be asked to pack up after 6pm on the Sunday.

Well, that was that. We certainly had a great spot on the show grounds but sadly were not able to get our cars on there to show them. It was time to make the best of it and salvage what ever we could at the 'Enfield Puddle of Mud'. As the day progressed and the sun shone, the ground was certainly firming up. The crowds were coming and the trade stalls were open and doing a bit of business. Every one went on a bargain hunt at the stalls and certainly everyone picked up something or other! The stalls were as busy as last year by midday.

Sadly the same could not be said of the 'car club' stands. There were only a handful who obviously got on site Friday nite or very early Sat morning. No other club cars were allowed in. We were hoping that they may change their minds and open the show for the following day as the ground was firming up so we decided to stay as late as poss and see what they had to say. However, after spending a fair few 'bucks' on the trade stalls and 'doughnut' stalls, it was around 5.30. As rain was forecast for the Monday, the earlier ruling of the show being cancelled still stood. We were all at a loose end and tried in vain for another show to visit on the Monday to no avail.

To sum it up ?... Even though it was a mud bath and we couldn't spend the 3 days like we wanted to, we made the most of it and picked up some bargains in the process and had a laff! Although some people were disgruntled and blaming it on the organisers, it was summed up very nicely by one official; 'we may have the power to control a lot of things but none one can control the weather'

Thanks to all, those that turned up and sorry to all those that wanted to come but couldnt. Fingers crossed for next year!

Show Report: Bhav

A few pics

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